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Shandong Taishan Lee Food Technologies Co.,Ltd started from the business of Dehydrated Garlic,such as:Garlic Flakes(with or without roots),Garlic Granules(Chopped,Minced,Ground, Granulated),Garlic Powder(Fine or Coarse) since 1998 and current business scope has expanded but not limited to dehydrated onion, ginger, horseradish,etc. Apart from traditional dehydrated products,the newly developed Chili and Paprika business has also become more important, we can provide Sun-dry whole chili(Chaotian chili, Jinta chili, Yidu chili,etc), Crushed chili(with different percentage of seeds or without seeds), Chili Powder(with different SHU or color), Paprika Powder(various asta), Crushed Paprika(with different percentage of seeds or asta), etc.

With the clear business strategy Based in China with emphasis on European & American Market and broad global view, we set up well-appointed factory in Shandong province of China as export base ……


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